For you as a Customer

Hotego is an easy way to manage the hotel staff giving a faster and better service, administrate orders and reservations and keep your guests informed about the latest events.

This application offers you a simple way to create advertisements and keep track about your guests interests through statistics giving you the chance to optimize the advertising campaigns.

Easy Installation

Hotego is easy platform to install with a very intuitive interface.

Drag & Drop

Provide a faster service with our drag-and-drop task manager, as orders appear in real-time.

Direct Communication

Let your customers know about interesting events, restaurants and other businesses types.

Multiple Integrations

The application supports integration with different PMS.


Easily create and publish offers and campaigns and show them in the most convenient screen of your choice.


Let all the businesses around you create advertisements that will be available once you approve them.

Plan staff resource

Manage your hotel staff sending the orders directly to the specific team.

Add & Create Events

Add and create events to keep your guests updated about the local activities.

Manage Order and Reservations

Administrate orders and reservations with an intuitive administration panel.

Statistics & Analysis

Optimize campaigns and events based on AI statistics and behaviors.